My Struggle is Beautiful

Beauty resides everywhere on our Mother Earth. Beauty comes in all different shapes and forms. Beauty is pain, beauty is success, beauty is even in the struggle. I realized growing up that everyone does not have the same lifestyle. Some grew up poor while others grew up rich. Some grew up to be happy while others grew up to become depressed. Beauty does not simply define how one looks. You can find beauty everywhere once you open your eyes.

I saw beauty in my struggle which later turned into success. I was never that happy child growing up. I came from a family who has a history of depression. I’ve attempted suicide and dealt with many low occurring thoughts and emotions. I found a way to maintain my peace and how to stay mentally strong. My life growing up as a kid to an adult was a struggle.
Not just any struggle a beautiful struggle
My beautiful struggle is starting out low and not so strong but then becoming who I am today.

My beautiful struggle is learning how to fight back and take back what’s meant to be yours and that’s life. I learned that the struggle may develop your life story but I also learned to never let it define who I am as a person. The struggle comes in pain, happiness, tears, grief, even beauty. That’s what makes the struggle so beautiful, it’s an inanimate object that helps you become the best version of you. The struggle helped me work harder, it motivated me in many different ways.

The struggle made me realize many things growing up. The struggle helped me realize that I can do anything I put my mind to.
The struggle helped me become the first in my family to go to college. The struggle motivated me to go to nursing school to help others with a struggle. The struggle helped me reach for my dreams to be ambitious and to set forth new goals.

The struggle is beautiful.
My struggle is beautiful.


World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day

“Last night I heard a voice say I’ve been getting in my own way. I think I’m falling off the deep end so I haven’t been sleeping. Last night I heard a voice in my head. Said it’s an emergency, said he had some work for me. Last night I saw the Devil sitting in my room. And we greeted with a smile. Said that he’d been there for a while.”

“This too won’t last, this too shall pass.
At least that’s what I say to all, that’s what I pray for. And I’m the only thing that’s standing in my way to all. But I gotta be with me, there’s no escape to all. I guess Depression just stepped in. And took over shit like it’s known to do. Guess it said, “Hey Charles, I’m going home with you. Turn your phone off, I need to be alone with you. I need to be in the zone with you. Because I’m the only thing you’re prone to, look, I own you. Been with you since a teen, but you starting to confuse me. Because it’s been so long and you still trying to lose me. Like, how could you show me such cruelty? When everybody turns their back on you, Charles? It’s you and me Charles, you don’t want me to see you, right? Then why you always come get me, how we reunite, huh? I know you feel for me deep in your heart. Doctors, meetings, pills couldn’t keep us apart. But now you wanna get rid of me. We roommates, I’m in your head, Charles, you live with me.”

You are not alone!

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: ‭
1 (800) 273-8255‬

You Matter ;

I’m Sick

I’m Sick and Tired of hiding these scars.
I’m sick and tired of dreaming about being hit by cars.
I’m sick and tired of lying.
I’m sick and tired of going to bed crying.
But most of all I’m just tired…Goodbye.

I’m tired of feeling numb.
I’m tired of being sick,
I’m tired of people calling me dumb,
Just to get a kick (in the gut).

Stop the Stigma, Break the Silence,
The answer will never be to scare them with violence.
Speak UP, Speak OUT,
Let’s show what MENTAL ILLNESS is all about.

We fight everyday but try our best to love life anyway,
We’re the artists, the outcasts and the misfits,
The dreamers and the movers,
The believers and the doers,
Not our faulty genetics or traumatizing pasts.
Let’s create a change that will last.

Stop the Stigma, Break the Silence,
End the Violence.

Hi, I’m Charles and
I’m Sick and Tired!



Suicide Prevention

4 Years Ago I had a different plan but today I’m Alive…

“Pen and pad in my hand, and I was writing a note. Didn’t get far, as soon as I wrote down “Mom” I just stopped. Couldn’t lie to her, couldn’t figure out how to say bye to her. Couldn’t explain the “Why” to her. Couldn’t picture her getting a call or somebody saying her son had died to her.” – (Joe Budden – Only Human)

SEPTEMBER 19, 2017 was my set date I planned to leave this earth. I was sick of crying, tired of trying, yes I was smiling but inside I was dying.

They say God works in mysterious ways. Well I definitely believe that. After 1 year and 2 weeks clean and sober I questioned what else is there to life? It was the very first time in my life I contemplated living or dying. Just how I hid my addictions, I hid this too.

I questioned what else is there to life? It was the very first time in my life I contemplated living or dying. I thought about death wondering how I was gonna go. I couldn’t be insane for just wanting to know but in my head I died often.

Framing suicide as a method to get attention paints those who are sick as manipulative, when in fact, they are simply really ill. I’m ill. In addition, even if a suicide attempt is a cry for help, it means they need help–so let’s help! My depression and bipolar overtook my mind to think lower of myself.

Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, suicide eliminates the possibility of it ever getting better.

The emotions, feelings, thoughts, addictions, and depression I had faced daily were now burdens lifted off my shoulders. I had overcome such adversities throughout my life and I wouldn’t allow the easy way out — SUICIDE. I always stress reach out to each other. No one knows what goes on in my head just like anyone else. I can text anyone back “LOL” but I wasn’t laughing at all.




The suppression of my darkness and my shadow self-came to a head almost 5 years ago as I found myself toeing the line between life and death as I battled Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. For me, my addictions became the band-aids for the deep bleeding wounds I had been suppressing and denying my whole life.

I was playing with fire. The fire of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. I was miserable, hopeless, discontent, angry, and bitter. And I really just wanted to be numb because I saw no way out of the hole I was living in. I was living on the outskirts of society, and I was closer to death than I was to being alive. My mental illness was mixed with my addictions that I was a walking torch.

I was in agony and I couldn’t admit it. See, I had spent most of my life in pain that I couldn’t talk about, and this was the culmination of years of stuffing my feelings, ignoring my emotions, and blocking the flow of energy within me. I was suffering from a massive disconnect from my soul which resulted in my utter inability to connect with those around me.




Day 1702…I suffer from Mental Illness:

I stand in the shower head against the tile wondering is my life worth living. The water turns from hot to ice cold down the drain spinning. Why Me? Why Me? Why Me? I want to be “normal”. I want thoughts of better days but that’s impossible when my mind is a dead end maze. I’m good one minute, psycho the next. Ohh Hello BI-POLAR you came out to play. Is this just a brief stop or you deciding to stay. Come along the ride with DEPRESSION and pick up ANXIETY while you are at it. A MANIC trio on a road of disaster. Charles take these HAPPY pills it will swallow the pain and agony but in reality I’m swallowed whole grasping for air. I see a little light…HOPE.

I am not ashamed to say it. It’s the Stigma that shames us all. Just thankful to shed some light upon my darkest hours. We scroll up and down Facebook overlooking the underlying issues of one in danger or seeking help.

There’s only One that Sees and Hears the Pain We Hide From Others. A tear is made of 1% water and 99% feelings. Sometimes sad memories sneak out my eyes and roll down my cheeks. I hide behind my smile and laughter that it breaks my heart and I’m falling apart. Behind my brown eyes are so many hidden tears and behind my body is a soul trying to fight.

The Struggle is Real but The Fight is Stronger

  • Charles Louis King


Bipolar Disorder

Hi, I’m Charles.
I don’t thank my Bipolar.
For anything.
Not a single thing.
I acknowledge my illness, I understand it, I make my peace, but I don’t give my Bipolar any credit. That belongs to me.
With or without it I’m fabulous.
And my Mental illness can go fuck itself.

If I could take a pill that would cure me, I would snatch it right out of your hand and swallow it dry. Because my Bipolar Disorder doesn’t make me special, it makes my life complicated. My Bipolar Disorder doesn’t make me brave. It’s not the source of my strength. It lingers under the surface of my consciousness, wheedling into my brain and poisoning how I feel about myself and how I experience the world.

I’m special, brave, strong, and talented without my illness. Bipolar Disorder isn’t a trial that I need to tackle in order to show the world I’m tough enough. I don’t need an illness to exaggerate my awesomeness. With an illness that mimics identity it can be hard to tell where Bipolar ends and I begin. The boundaries are never that distinct. But my Bipolar Disorder isn’t a badge. It’s a label, a diagnosis, a hefty, troublesome detail. My Bipolar doesn’t get to take a bow.


Stop Depression

Dear Charles,

Man, what the hell?
Your energy is all over the goddamn place.
One day you’re bouncing off walls,
and beds, and thoughts
and you can’t stop thinking
or talking
long enough to hear someone is speaking to you.
I know you hear it,
I know you hear me.
I know there’s at least a buzzing in your inner ear that calls your attention
A whispering child that’s begging for two seconds of your time.

Other days, seem like nights
It’s quiet in there
Literally nothing is on
Nothing is open
Thoughts are like molasses when they happen
and when they don’t
you’re not surprised
you’re relieved, even.
Glad you don’t have to muster the energy
muster the motivation
to breathe a millisecond faster than you already need to.
There are these orange see-through bottles on your nightstand.
They have these marbles inside
At least I think they’re marbles
Except you swallow them and they come in different shapes and sizes and colors
I can’t pronounce them sometimes but the one by the alarm clock right now is easy:
Next to it, there’s Lamictal, and then Vrylar.
Your psychiatrist said that’s the old-type name.
Who knows what that means.
It still stops the tremors that Lithium keeps gifting you.

You’re given this really neat marble collector cabinet.
They are mini-cabinets for the marbles by day.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
If you wake up, that is.
Twice a day with a meal
If you eat, that is.
Don’t forget to take them though,
I’m scared you won’t wake up again
if you stop taking the marbles.
They’re good for you
and so am I.
Day N’ Night.



Bad Dog

I once read a story
a long time ago
that Depression was like a bad dog
who creeps up on you slow.
I have Bipolar Disorder
it’s an ugly disease
another kind of bad dog
who never really leaves.
Yet training this bad dog
has taught things to me,
sometimes hard to remember,
but I can think of THREE.
The FIRST is to find
the silver lining of things
if I see only dark
only pain it brings.
The SECOND is to think
outside of the box
to learn coping skills
and ways to detox.
The THIRD is learning
how to talk about pain
and not suffer alone
with nothing to gain.
Taming the bad dog
was harder than hell
it took years of my life
and left me a shell.
But looking on the bright side,
I take heart to know
that despite the dark winter
I managed and continued to grow.

Bipolar #Mentalillness

F*CK Bipolar

I put myself in other shoes they called me Bipolar. Call me Bipolar, I’m the happiest mad man right in front of you. You don’t know my story, my struggle, the demons that I combat daily. I tell myself I’m unique but why do I feel weak? I’m a maniac within my own mind, a prisoner to say the least.

I feel lonely, isolated and suffering at times. Everything takes a backseat in my depressed state of mind including my friends and family. When I was in my active addictions to a point I never imagined I would reach, my depression experienced hopelessness, deep sadness and loss of energy. My lack of interests from sex to even watching television were too little. Sleeping to long or too little my mind races with suicidal thoughts. It’s not easy living with Bipolar, but it can be more difficult when the people around you don’t understand your diagnosis.

I’m medicated, educated and dedicated towards my mental illness. I don’t hide behind what I am because I admit I’m Bipolar. I have multiple moods that are sometimes out of my control. I face them head on with full force. Bare with me and stand by me instead of being afraid or nervous. I love a good challenge and I must overcome. Thank You.

Fight the stigma. Let your voice be heard!

#Bipolar #Mentalillness