Lost Child

Little left behind child,
Where did your father go?
Did he step on your little fingers
To reach his hands of drugs more lovely
Less deserving
Of his plum dark love?

Little lost Charles,
Where did your mother go?
Was she swept up in a breeze too kind
Too harsh
To take a child as well?
I forgive you, as well as my sister Shantel.

Little lonely Charles,
Where did your family go?
Did the loss that gripped them
Take out its anger on you,
Such a cruel fate
On such an undeserving target.

Little lovely Charles,
Where did your home go?
Did you run far, far away,
Never to return,
Never to look back
And realize your mistake too late?

What will you become?
Now that your baby teeth are gone
And your eyes no longer innocent
Is anything the same?
Is the lovely, lonely, lost child still left?

Alcoholic, Drug Addict, Compulsive Gambler
Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, Liar, Cheater,
Manipulator, Thief
What monster did I become?
Family please help now and stay by my side.

Charles King– Lost Child

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