For as long as he could remember
his skin was a weapon
he was made to understand
that everyone saw him as
black boy
not smart boy
mamas boy
so sweet that he wouldn’t hurt a fly boy
went to school and straight back home boy
smile so hard his face hurt boy
got stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time boy
put your hands up boy
white man looks at him
white police officer
who hold his gun upright
eyes him with intent
keep your hands up boy
I wont be scared to shoot boy
remember what you are boy
all he could hear were his mothers words
comply and you’ll be fine
his chest rises and falls
his last moments
are controlled by the pull of a trigger
the slightest movement is the cause of
another black boy’s body
echoing to the ground boy

#RayshardBrooks #Blacklivesmatter

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