Fast Forward Press Rewind


I have a Confession, I’m staring at the pain in the mirror and it’s getting harder to see. Question hurts more than the fact that it resembles me. Goodbye, praying to God 🙏 please remove my evil sins. Why do I sit across from that table with my demons? More I sniffed coke, the more I drink. More I drink, the more I sniffed coke. Amends are an after thought, I no longer party. Friends must think less of me. Heard life is a bitch, so I went to bed with her. Blurred vision had no limits when to stop. Sight I’m losing looking down on the paper full of tears. I wrote this shit backwards a month ago because no one understands me, not even my peers.

.peers my even not, me understands one no because backwards shit this Write. tears of full paper the on down looking losing I’m Sight. stop to when limits no had vision Blurred. her with bed to went I so, bitch a is life Heard. me of less think must Friends. party longer no I, thought after an are Amends. coke sniffed I more the, drink I More. drink I more the, coke sniffed I More ?demons my with table that from across sit I do Why. sins evil my remove please 🙏 God to praying, Goodbye. me resembles it that fact the than more hurts Question. see to harder getting it’s and mirror the in pain the at staring I’m, Confession a have I

<<<<– Backwards Read)

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