Lost Boy

I’m a 34 month old toddler!

I’m reliving my life all over again. I’m scared yet curious. I’m confused but eagar. I’m living to learn but learning to live. I need to be coddled yet fight to be independent. I was a product of my environment. A lost boy looking up to his dark environment. I made the choice to be the addiction. But the addiction overtook me.


Watchful eyes became intriguing eyes, intriguing eyes became deceptive eyes. It was fun and games until misery and boredom. I was always that scared little boy in a grown man’s body. Every year my body grew but my mind stayed stagnant. My only way to communicate was babbling and gibberish. Just Say No meant Just Say Yes.


Fearful lies or hidden truths this little boy thought he was hiding his addictions. Sneaky behaviors became fuck its. I was a rebellion hellion. Terrible 2s. I’m sorry this little boy grew up too fast and made a hurtful impact on those he loved. He thought he was only harming himself and not those around him. From Detox to Sobriety to Recovery this journey is my rebirth.


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