Mr. 1000

Day 1000…WoW! I never thought I could put together 1000 straight Days of not drinking, drugging or gambling. Hell, I never thought I could put together 1000 Hours. But I realized it’s One Day At A Time.


I could always admit I was an alcoholic drug addict and I could never imagine feeling grateful about it. At almost three years clean and sober, my views have completely changed. I now count myself as one of those crazy people who believes they are truly lucky to be an alcoholic drug addict. The main reason I consider myself to be lucky to have accepted and overcome my addiction is that it has completely transformed my life. I’m a different person from who I was three years ago. I’ve gone from hopeless to hopeful.


I’ve finally become the person I was always meant to be, and I’ve done it by admitting that alcohol and drugs no longer belongs in my life. If I didn’t take that first step, I wouldn’t have the career, relationships, and happiness I am so grateful to have. It’s because of my addiction that I am where I am today. I never knew just saying the simple words “I am an alcoholic and drug addict” could be the catalyst to all of my joy. #OneDayAtaTime


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