Living with ADHD in Adulthood

Living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is like being locked in room with 100 televisions and 100 radios all playing. None of them have power buttons so you can turn them off and the door is locked from the outside. I think about things before breakfast than most people think all day.


Another medication notched under my belt. The dopamine is released at a fast rate because don’t forget I’m a recovering drug addict. This tiny powerful pill helps me focus at school and work. Fear of taking it because just 3 years ago I was abusing it for a different kind of high.


I have extreme levels of impulsivity, distractibility and forgetfulness. I always have grand plans and enthusiastically start tasks, but I find it hard to finish them. I’m a risk taker and will do anything thrown my way without thought. You could be speaking directly at me and I’m thinking did I turn the lights off before I left the house. Just another obstacle we must overcome.

Ohhhh Look a Butterfly.


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