3 Sides To A Story

“Mom told me there’s a Higher Power and a Lower Power. And that I’ll die if I don’t find the strength to overpower.

Then I replied, “well aren’t we all”? She said “yeah, but that should be on God’s terms, not yours.”

Me: I know this can’t be my fate, I scream wait. As they drop me in front of a gate, they left no trace, I can see my every breath like a cold day, stood before a man with no face. He said to me…

God: “Please don’t make this any harder.”

Me: Who the fuck is you?

God: “My child, I’m your father”

Me: I only got one dad.

God: “Is that a fact to you? He left you when you was young, I brought him back to you, you’re real close to heaven, Few get to step in, now tell me what you’ve done to deserve to be let in.”

Me: But ain’t done too much wrong, my entire time of living. Never killed, never tried to, though I’ve been lied to. Was once suicidal, always read the bible. I’ve always been a caretaker, tried to nurse people, at times it backfired, hurt people, hurt people.”


Devil: Hey Charles would you like a drink or two? Do you want to pick up some drugs, I know you do? How about being a womanizer? Sounds like fun, I’ll be your advisor.

Me: It all seems so tempting but those are just temporary reliefs. I know you got a hold on me but those hands on my shoulders, just release.

Devil: The joys of living are having no fears. Come on, who said you can’t have fun drinking beers?

Me: I fear having beers because I’m an alcoholic. I blackout and become destructive, is there an antibiotic?

God: The devil’s playing tricks on you.

Me: I guess I know why they call it addiction. Because I’m the addict and people stay shun…ing me. Being sober sucks, I lost so many friends. All you say to me God, just make amends.

God: I gave you friends of the program. Get out your head before its a logjam.

Devil: Friends are sitting at the bar. They miss you get your ass in the car.

Me: I’ll end it all with a drink. I’m on the brink. I’m only kidding the Devil doesn’t have a hold of me. It’s a choice I stay sober and clean.

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