Would’ve took my life had I’d have known who I was giving in to. My biggest opponent was my unbalanced brain. The alcohol and drugs were keeping me afloat but slowly killing me at the same time. But it was my Depression and Bipolar Disorder that wanted to speed up the process.


Behind the Laughter: The Charles King Story –

Trying to weather the storm. I thought that black cloud was gone. It’s been beside me all along. Days I sit in silence, don’t speak for a minute. Tired of being strong, please let me be weak for a minute. I kinda thought that my disease tried to kill your man first. It was easy to get my hands on drugs but just enhanced the depression. Couldn’t have it this long?

So many secrets I only told to a glass of Whiskey and Coke.


I love everybody, don’t ask about who I beef with. They burnt the bridge but they was standing underneath it. Either be the ventriloquist or the dummy. Voice your opinions to help the situation not make matters worse. So before your next thought, understand it’s much more to me.

#MoveOn #SpokenThoughts

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