Problem Vs Solution

The scariest thing is when you realize that you are addicted to something or someone. Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, food or a person; you know you are addicted when you say to yourself “this is my last drink” or “this is my last drug use” or “this is my last love.” But the thing is you cannot simply just stop because an ADDICTION is an OBSESSION that takes over your mind and every thought.


It can hurt badly when you’re missing the drink you once loved. For alcoholics missing the drink can be seen as a negative thought. It’s heavy if we learn how to battle our way through it. It becomes a feeling we can manage. It makes our lives harder but it will teach us which relationships are worth keeping (no matter what) and which are worth leaving behind.


People are not just addicted to alcohol or drugs, they are addicted to escaping reality. For me, the next drink is my last. The point of no return is just as if we raised that glass trigger.

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