My First Love

IMG_7118My First Love: Budlight

You were my Bud. You were my Light. I yearned for you. I needed you so bad. I couldn’t go anywhere without you by my side. I loved to show you off. You were the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. We spent countless nights together. I introduced you to my friends and family. We were inseparable just like Bonnie & Clyde.
From a 40 oz. to a Keg to a Can you filled my palate. Your aroma was like roses. Your ice cold feeling made me warm inside and sent goosebumps up my arms. You had a twinkle in my eyes that I needed to have you. When that tab made that swish cracked noise I was in heaven. A sigh of relief that you were gonna solve my problems. You were rough around the edges but soft on the inside. A match made in heaven.
Like all first loves, all good things must come to an end. We grew far apart. I only used you for my needs. I became distant and standoffish. You made me a depressed psycho. Leave me aloneeeee. I scream and wanted to break up with you so many times. I was afraid of letting you go. You were my only true friend that understood me. I cheated on you with other drinks and had you crying in the back of the dark room. We played mind games with each other. You love me, you love me not. It was puppy love but I’m Sorry we’ll never see each other again…


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